How many Coins and Points am I allowed to generate?

This depends on you. Actually there is no limit, but of course you shouldn’t generate too much Coins and Points at one time. Just think: It seems very unnatural to get 20 million Coins within two minutes. Keep it natural.

Will my Account get banned if I use this FIFA 17 Coins Hack?

We never heard of someone complaining about this. If you are doing it correctly and keep it natural there is nothing to worry. Normally you shouldn’t get banned, because we use proxies to hide your ip.

How is this actually working?

Well, lets be clear. You might heard of this before. There is a bug on the FUT 17 WebApp and we just take advantage of this bug.

Is there a guarantee that the Coin Generator will work?

There is no guarantee for anything, but as long as we are providing it, we will make sure that it works. Also we are working hard to keep it alive and update it as often as possible.

Are you hacking my account? Or even hacking EA?

No and No. We are not hacking your Account and we are not hacking EA. As said above, we only take advantage of the bug. We will never hack any account or website.

Some people say its fake or a scam, is this true?

There are many naysayer around the internet spreading lies and rumors. Simply check the Reviews, Facebook Fanpages or YouTube videos and you will see: It works. It is up to you if you want to try it, but if you don’t you will miss a big chance.

I need help to use it. Could you help me?

Check this page. If you still face any problem, please send an e-mail to our support.

How long does it take to receive the Coins and Points?

This depends on many factors. For example the time you are using this tool, how many user using this tool at the same time, EAs Server (you know they are lame), the proxies we are using to hide your IP, your internet connection, if you have to do an survey or not and some other stuff. Normally it should take about 10 minutes. Just don’t freak out if you can’t see them right after using this FIFA 17 Hack. It might take some time. Especially when thousandsĀ of people are using it at the same time.

I have to do a survey! Why and how?

Sometimes this happens. Especially when there is a big number of user using it at the same time. Why? Because we don’t want bots to take over this tool or abusing it. Before we had the problem, that some cheater scripted an bot, which was automatically using our Coin Generator and sent million Coins and Points to many different accounts within few seconds. Our server collapsed and other “real” user couldn’t use it anymore. So, this is just for protecting us and you. Also to keep the tool working as long as possible.